Connected maps

Ramani Cloud offers a set of online services to access maps from external map providers, through data access protocols (DAPs) based on open-standards (WMS, WMS-T, DODS/OPeNDAP, THREDDS, etc.) or specialised connectors. Such as our connector for the Sentinels Scientific Data Hub, which allows you to ingest time-series from ESA's latest Sentinel-2 imager. Connected maps may then be further enhanced to suit the cartographic needs of your application or use-case. These (enhanced) maps can then instantly be shared using our Map-APIs. Save time by avoiding tedious export-import of content so you can focus on enriching the capabilities of your app! Note! Content externally hosted that you contribute to the service, incl. the maps you connect to, may be subject to terms and conditions. The Map-APIs will ensure that upon each data request map access it registered. But it is your responsibility to inform your users of these terms, conditions, and requirements (by providing metadata), and if needed obtain written approval for the data as ‘mirrored’ by the DDL from your respective data providers. You understand that mirroring data from providers who offer 'branding-free maps' does not wave your responsibility to provide attribution. Under no circumstances can Ujuizi Laboratories be held liable for any data usage or data (re)distribution violations as a result of the content you choose to connect to or publish.

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