Upload maps

Drag-and-drop maps from your local computer into Ramani Cloud in seconds. Be it vector, raster, or imagery files, all common formats are supported. Have new maps to share from Aeroplane, Satellite, or Drone on which your users can recognize even the smallest features of the Earth surface? Hey, we even support time-series!

Upload your spatial data

Its very easy get your data uploaded to Ramani Cloud. You can upload vector files like ESRI Shape, MapInfo tab/mif, GeoJSON, GML, KML and ESRI fileGDB. But also raster and imagery can be uploaded. After upload you can add all sorts of metadata for your maps, such as a title, description, and define styles. The data layers are instantly available through the SQL, WFS, WMS amd TMS services. You can also create a empty layer from scratch and populate through the services. Build out your private Digital Data Library (DDL) using our Upload-feature is easy, and we even support time-series!

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