Edit your maps

You can edit your map-data online in a browser or from Mobile. Both geometry and attributes. You have something to crowd-source? Ramani Cloud puts it at the top of your fingers, literally with our Maps-API. We have built an online editor so you can create, update and delete maps without the use of an external application. Filtered-load of features makes it possible to edit huge data sets by downloading only parts of the data. How about editing a data set with thousands of tweets. Only points within the viewport are loaded to speedup things. Get your users to share their local spatial knowledge, jointly editing vector-maps (point, line, or polygon) is setup in no-time. Our Maps-API handles all the technical groundwork, such as avoiding possible conflicts when multiple users are editing the same map at the same time. Note! Subscriber shall own all Subscriber Content that Subscriber contributes to the service, and grants no rights to ESA/Ujuizi Laboratories to Subscriber Content.

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