Add WMS layer

Add layers from a Web Map Service (WMS)

Create a new layer

  1. Start by creating a new layer.

New blank layer

  1. Choose to create a blank layer.
  2. Give it a name.
  3. Select the EPSG code the WMS will be requested with. The WMS must accept the selected code.
  4. Geometry type is subordinate, as the layer should not contain geometry
  5. Create layer.

Open advanced settings for the layer

  1. Click the new layer line so that it becomes gray.
  2. Click on 'Advanced'.


  1. Type a valid WMS GetMap URL into 'WMS source'. The layer may now be used as a normal layer.

For example:

The parameters WIDTH, HEIGHT and BBOX is not necessary and will be ignored.

The "layers" parameter can have multiple layers. In that case, they will be merged together in Ramani Cloud layer.


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