Upload of GRID Files

If you want to have a public dataset, you can upload your files through Add Grid. The supported formats are .tif and .nc, and it will automatically create a catalog under your account.

If you do not have any data for trial, you can use our sample dataset

  1. After sign-in and go to the Editor section, click + New Dataset.
  2. The form will appear, then click Add GRID. Or double click, to make sure the UI is correct.
  3. You need to set the format to match your dataset date format, dataset_name_#yyyyMMdd.
    • Example: If your dataset only has year and month (e.g Ghana_10km_GHI_200001.tif, which is January 2000), the date format will be set to Ghana_10km_GHI_#yyyyMM , and without ‘dd’.
  4. Your dataset name, unique. It will generate a new name, every time you click on Add Grid
  5. If you have existing OPenDAP resources, you can link it so it will be uploaded to your THREDDS instead.
  6. Add files (supported format .tif and .nc), or just do a drag and drop.
  7. Click start upload.
    • Another wizard will appear, where you need to fill all required field such as title, summary, creator & publisher profile, etc. Before the uploading process start.
    • The information you provided here, will be included in your catalog info (e.g your_username Catalog)

For further information about Epsg field, please visit here.

That catalog can also become an indicator of whether your upload is a success or not. Or you can see the result at Add section (Need refresh)

Publish GRID dataset

After completing the workflow of Upload of GRID files above, you may want to publish your dataset.

  1. Select one dataset on Add section, and click Advance Settings
  2. The form will appear, then click WMS Layers.
  3. Check to publish and Un-check to unpublish.

Then, you can see your dataset visualization on Edit and Explore section: