Upload of Raster Files

You are able to upload and manage your raster files data (supported format: .tif, .asc, .gen) using Ramani Cloud.

If you do not have any data for trial, you can use our sample dataset

  1. After sign-in and go to the Editor section, click + New Dataset.
  2. The form will appear, then click Add Raster. Or double click, to make sure the UI is correct.
  3. Add files (supported format .tif, .nc, .gen), or just do a drag and drop.
  4. Click start upload.

For further information about Epsg field, please visit here.

Even if your overall download is not completed yet, your data has been added to our server if the status is 100%. So you can cancel the upload process without worry, and see the result and configure it at Design and Explore.

Note. If you successfully upload the data, the data type will be RASTER. This data still private and only can be used by you, using your credential. To make it public, you need to create a catalog or using GRID files.